Factory Physics, Inc.

Consulting Services

FPI provides Consulting Services for specialty projects where you need detailed analysis of challenges or problems facing your organization. Some examples include:

  1. Improving on-time delivery while reducing inventory and increasing productivity. 
  2. Design validation for a new consumer products production facility
  3. Simulation analysis of BioPharma production line to determine best options for increasing throughput
  4. Process evaluation for a large semiconductor manufacturer to improve identification and management of floating bottlenecks.
  5. Risk evaluation for supply chain structure.

With some of the world's leading authorities on application of Factory Physics principles on staff, FPI provides you unsurpassed experience and knowledge in quickly applying powerful, practical science to resolve your manufacturing supply chain operations problems.

For more information on FPI's consulting services, contact us at (630) 607-4851 or send an email to info@factoryphysics.com