Factory Physics, Inc.

Training and Certification

Empower operations leaders to improve on-time delivery while reducing cost and inventory. Learn and apply the practical, powerful science of operations.

“Factory Physics training provides your Supply Chain team with concepts and principles based on solid science that can be readily applied to improving your supply chain performance.” — Mike Gores, Global Supply Chain Manager

"I know of no quicker more effective approach to improving performance than the Factory Physics approach." — Chandra Sekhar, Corporate VP of Manufacturing Strategy (ret.), Baxter Healthcare 

"I learned more about the underlying science behind the Toyota Production System from four hours of Factory Physics training than I did in seven years as a Toyota employee.” — Karthik Chandramouli, Director of Lean Transformation, Motorola

Build a common language based in powerful, practical science to align efforts across your operations. Highly rated training experience by past participants. An engaging combination of industry-tested theory and practices combined with intuition re-enforcing hands-on exercises. Get immediate results.

Factory Physics, Inc. provides a host of manufacturing and supply chain training programs. These include:

  • Leadership training
  • Factory Physics Seminars hosted across the US and in Europe
  • Executive coaching
  • Factory Physicist certification
  • Customized education to support strategy deployment (including Inventory Optimization, Cash Flow Optimization, Cycle Time Reduction, On-time Delivery, Lean, Six Sigma, and Theory of Constraints)
  • Product development planning and control
  • In-house training
  • Webinars

 A list of previous topics includes:

  • The Factory Physics Framework and Increasing Cash Flow
  • Reducing Inventory while Increasing Customer Service
  • Managing Low Volume High Mix Environments
  • Improving Assemble-to-Order Operations
  • Setting up Effective Sales & Operations Planning
  • Optimizing ERP Production Planning and Control

Some comments from past participants:

  • "In my opinion, this course may be one of the most useful my company has tried compared to all the others"
  • "Very good class.  This information will be extremely valuable to improve my department performance and metrics.  I plan to put my new knowledge to use. Thank you."
  • "Great points. Great honesty. Not factory magic. Very knowledgeable [instructors]."
  • "Very well organized. Material had a nice flow. Great session."

For more information on FPI’s training programs or to register for a Seminar or Webinar, contact us at (415) 510-2681 or send an email to info@factoryphysics.com.